Help me kick the tires!

Still got some RSS feed issues to work out, but I think we’re mostly good. Feedback on the new site is always appreciated!

“But Christian, why are you ditching The Man Version? That site name totally made sense! The center cannot hold!”

Apologies for stripping the gears on any paradigms out there. Let me sum up.

Firstly, I was curious if every Monty Python quote of more than two words had already been claimed as a URL. There were a few left! I seriously overestimated the Pythonophilia online. Maybe it’s a generational thing? I’ll have to check what the yoot nerds are into these days. Is available?

You know what you did

But mostly it’s because “The Man Version” was a nickname coined for me by Phil Plait. Now that Phil has moved to Botswana and stolen all my onions and left me full custody of his alligator hatchery, I am ready to cut ties.

Wait… part of that may have been a dream…

I remember! Phil did give me the nickname, but he moved to Colorado. Never give the good Tswana people veto power over your travel plans.

Actually, it’s because of the JREF Forums. When we started attending TAM back around TAM 4, Maria became active on the forums using the nickname “Ottle.” When she’d refer to me, I was “Mr. Ottle,” which ultimately became my own forum nickname. Phil then once called me “Ottle, the Man Version.”

Then Maria and I broke up, and I’m not Mr. Ottle anymore. I reclaimed “phlebas” on the JREF Forums (fora?) and turned off the auto-renew on That site is about to expire.

So instead of getting into a wide-eyed panic if I’m out with someone someday and she asks me what my blog name refers to, I thought I’d just let it change.

But that’s all that’s changed. As you can see, my tendency to overshare remains intact.

Enjoy the new layout! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

4 Comments on “Help me kick the tires!

  1. Welcome to your new home!

    (Oh, and the HOME link in the top bar still goes to the old domain name as I write this)

  2. Ah! Thank you. Missed that one. It’ll probably take a few days to iron out all those…

  3. Is this where I lodge an official complaint about spelling tyres with an “i”?

    Congrats on the new site, sir.

    • The complaint department is in the UK office. Walk in the front door and go back to the 17th century, hippy.

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