Going full Bob Barker

Hey, look at that. Nothing on the blog for a month, and now two grumpy posts in a row! This should chase off the last of my readers! (Please stay tuned! Fun stuff coming, I swear.)

Meet Angel.

Isn't she cute?

I didn’t pick that name. The girl at the veterinarian’s office did.

I met Angel Wednesday morning. I was walking Arrow and Esme, and our normal route takes us past the playground next to my house. I saw her sitting in the far corner, alone, just watching us. She was still sitting there when I came back without my dogs.

She was terrified. She was trying to claw her way through the iron fence to get away. I sat on a nearby bench and made soothing noises until she came close. She’d touch her nose to the back of my hand and then scurry away. After several cycles, she let me scratch her enough to take this picture.

She’s adorable! Look at that face! She’s also very affectionate and playful, once she got used to me. (She’s just a puppy — I’d guess 6-8 months old. Definitely less than a year.) I got her home, and she was friendly with Arrow and Esme. (They politely sniffed Angel for a few seconds, then grew bored with her and went back to digging in my leaf pile.) I wasn’t going to leave a strange dog in the house with my own dogs all day, so she went to my vet for a sleepover. That gave me time to badger my Facebook friends, make some calls, place some ads, etc., to either find her original owners or someone who wants to adopt her.

I didn’t have any luck. I’m still looking for options, but chances are by the time you read this, I’ll have gotten her from the vet and delivered this lost, terrified, friendly dog with the adorable face into the hands of Gwinnett County Animal Control. They’ll put her in a cage where she’ll wait, hoping someone picks her out of a bunch of other dogs. After a few days or weeks, if she’s still there, the animal control people will euthanize her to make room and give the next dog a chance at the brass ring. I’ll keep looking for someone to take her in the meantime, so if you’re reading this and know someone who might be interested, leave a comment below or hit me up on Facebook. (And here I’m assuming that local animal control will adopt out a pit bull. Some don’t, trying to get them off the street.)

I’ve had better mornings.

People — spay or neuter your damn pets. It is not good for your pet to have a litter before getting fixed. In fact, pretty much all the reasons for not spaying and neutering are crap. Don’t worry, we have plenty of whatever breed your dog or cat is. Especially pit bulls like Angel.

If you’re considering breeding your animal of choice, just… don’t. Worst idea ever. Having a constantly rotating group of puppies or kittens around might sound fun, but what happens to the ones you don’t sell? How many are you going to sell in a weak economy when people can get them for $30 at the county shelter, or under $200 from a reputable rescue organization, already spayed/neutered, chipped, and up-to-date on shots? Seriously. Don’t try to breed anything yourself.

These animals have completely outsourced their care and feeding to us. They’re our responsibility. If you don’t like it, don’t get one. But if you get one, there are things you need to do. If you can’t drop the $90 to get your dog or cat fixed, how will you handle the ongoing food and vet bills for 15-17 years? Trust me, it adds up.

It's sort of its own reward

It’s sort of its own reward

Dealing with strays is heartbreaking if you have any empathy at all. For everyone. Please do your part to not add to it.

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  1. For those of you depressed by this (i.e., me), there is some good news about Angel specifically, if not abandoned dogs in general.

    I didn’t call animal control. Maria is going to temporarily foster her, which should give us time to follow-up on a few nibbles (HA!) about possible adoptions in the Atlanta area.

    Great news, right? Let’s celebrate by getting our pets spayed and neutered!

  2. Maria and Christian, that is good news, you’ll have a special place in Heaven tomorrow (when the world ends) …there is a spot set aside for atheist animal lovers 🙂

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