A better reason for the season: Helping a puppy

Happy New Year!

Quick update on Angel:

First of all, we’re not calling her Angel any more. She was about to be christened “Optimus Pearl” but cooler heads (i.e. mine) prevailed.  She’s now called Maya — she’s been our own little apocalypse.

Maya has a new owner! She is going to adopt our friend Carlos. The only minor snag: Carlos is out of the country (well, sorta — Puerto Rico) for another 10 days or so.

That’s where you guys come in!

See, I couldn’t keep Maya here. She’s very sweet, but she’s a very young nuclear-powered bounce machine programmed to get into the faces of other dogs. This is fine when the other dog is also a puppy constructed of puppy teeth and Flubber. But when the other dog is a 15-year-old codger with weak hips, there is a conflict. When you have two such GeriatriHounds, throwing in a hyperactive puppy is like tossing a Molotov cocktail into a wax museum.

Maria couldn’t keep Maya for another 10 days, because she has a tiny apartment and is gone all day, every day, and pit bulls are technically speaking not allowed there. Not even pit bulls that are gentler than those tiny overbred dogs that just bark and pee all the time.

Note: Actual size

Note: Actual size

But we have a solution:

There’s a place that will help us board Maya with a dog trainer. We put her there Monday and she can stay there being socialized with other young dogs while getting the obedience training and potty training she needs. (The pit bull rep from the press is mostly unearned, but they are very strong, willful dogs. Getting them some focus and some socialization will go a long way towards keeping Maya the sweet-natured food depository she is now.)

With that in mind — everyone who has contacted us asking how they can help now has a chance. The boarding/training is a little pricey — on the order of a few hundred dollars. I know Christmas has just ended and things are tight, but if you have a few bucks lying around and can’t resist this face:

See the fancy pink harness? The word you're groping for is "saucy"

See the fancy pink harness? The word you’re groping for is “saucy”

Please think about sending it Maya’s way. Start the New Year off with a good deed, so you’re off the hook for the rest of the year!

Thanks, all! Here’s a button:

(If the button doesn’t work, try this link.)

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    • Thanks, DataJack! You are now part owner of a young pit bull! See you at the shareholder’s meeting!

      That goes for the rest of you who have contributed. Thanks so much. You’ve helped insure that Maya won’t be spending any more nights cold and alone.

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