Dog Epilogue

Epidogue? I don’t know. I’m sleepy.

You guys remember the stray pit bull puppy who found me just before Christmas? The one I eventually begged for money for? It looks like we’ve reached a happy ending to that saga. Which is good — she was overdue for a happy ending.

We’d put Maya in a boarding school, but it turned out she was sick and got kicked out before she could infect the other dogs. So she moved in with the vet to get treated.

This, by the way, is why I’m glad we didn’t let her take her chances with animal control. Pit bulls are a challenge anyway, and a sick one would probably get euthanized immediately. Since we were specifically paying the vet to not euthanize her, she got better.

I picked her up from the vet Monday afternoon and her cough was mostly gone. She had a startling amount of energy — I put her in the back yard, and the running began.  She would run until she plowed into something — the fence, the house, me, etc — then run a different direction.

Then her new human came by to collect her. Maya had a few minutes of WHO THE HOLY HELL ARE YOU? but eventually was led to the car and driven off to what I’m sure will be a normal, happy dog life where she doesn’t have to sleep in the cold and people bring her food.

Once she fills out, she might just go get her own food. Or YOUR FOOD.

Once she fills out, she might just go get her own food. Or YOUR FOOD.

So Maya’s rough puppyhood looks like it’s turning into a happy adulthood.

Special thanks to a lot of people for this:

  • Maria took Maya in at first, in brazen defiance of her apartment complex’s rules. FUK DA POLICE. If not for her, Maya would have gone to an animal shelter.
  • The people at Riverside Animal Hospital, who not only took care of her but fell in love with her. Maya had to spend a lot of time there, but it sounds like she never lacked for attention. If you need a vet in Gwinnett County, you could do a lot worse. They have helped Arrow celebrate his 15th birthday and Esme just hit her 14th. They also seriously undercharged me for boarding Maya the last few days.
  • All the people who donated money. You guys are the best. You’re now stockholders in this dog. See you at the meeting!
  • And of course to Carlos for agreeing to be adopted by Maya. You guys are gonna enjoy each other, although you both probably need more training.

Lastly, surrogate dog maintenance chick Taylor posted this video of Maya chewing the everloving crap out of her squeaky toy.

I love it when a plan comes together.

(Note: If you can’t see the video, it’s because Taylor hates you. If you can see it, it’s because Taylor loves you. Taylor is a woman of extremes.)

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  1. I’d like to think that Taylor doesn’t hate ME–she just hates my android tablet.

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