I moved to Vermont!

It still seems odd saying that. Before I moved here in February 2016, the farthest north I’ve lived was Huntsville, Alabama. (City motto: Sit down, the game’s on!)

Vermont is beautiful.  The people are friendly, everyone loves dogs, and the maple is spectacular. We do have a lot of Canadians churning through Burlington — Montreal is less than two hours from here — but most of them are stopped at the city limits by people talking to them about how Bernie Sanders can still win the presidency. I only made it in by drafting behind a truck with a Trump sticker.

Yet for all Vermont’s charms, it needs help. It does take more than maple to create fine cuisine, for example. I have until Labor Day to teach these people about football and how it’s better than hockey.

And we need to talk seriously about setting weather expectations.



I’m not alone in exploring Vermont.

Shammy had also never lived out of the south until I tossed her in the car. She’ll be with me as we figure this place out.


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  1. Holy crap! I’ve been enjoying this blog AND the Death Panel podcast and you’re the same person?! Next you’ll tell me you were at TAM 9 and I didn’t get to meet you. Dammit! When the day comes and we meet, I’ll procure you your favorite beverage valued under $10. No judgments.

  2. Wait — are you saying the readership on this blog and the subscribers to the Death Panel actually overlap? And in a person I’m neither related to or blackmailing? Wild. What are the odds?

    I was indeed at TAM 9, although I didn’t really get the blog restarted until afterwards. If we had known our listener was also at TAM, we would have invited you to the live recording.

    Next TAM, I’ll happily let you buy me a cheap drink. It’s the closest I’ve come to monetizing this thing.

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