I see from my site stats that people keep coming to this page. I should have put info up here a long time ago.

For now, my name is Christian Walters. I live in the Atlanta area. I’m currently in charge of the Atlanta Skeptics. I’m an Auburn University graduate and football enthusiast.

I’m a panelist on The Death Panel podcast and a Clueless American on the popular-outside-of-Canada Ask a Canadian podcast.

Mostly I’ll blog here about things that interest or amuse me. You’ll find the occasional movie review, some comments about organized skepticism, and an ongoing narrative about the manifest superiority of Auburn University and the obvious brain maladies of the University of Alabama supporters.

Comments always welcome. Feel free to post things here or email me at christian (at) christianwalters.net

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Holy crap! I’ve been enjoying this blog AND the Death Panel podcast and you’re the same person?! Next you’ll tell me you were at TAM 9 and I didn’t get to meet you. Dammit! When the day comes and we meet, I’ll procure you your favorite beverage valued under $10. No judgments.

  2. Wait — are you saying the readership on this blog and the subscribers to the Death Panel actually overlap? And in a person I’m neither related to or blackmailing? Wild. What are the odds?

    I was indeed at TAM 9, although I didn’t really get the blog restarted until afterwards. If we had known our listener was also at TAM, we would have invited you to the live recording.

    Next TAM, I’ll happily let you buy me a cheap drink. It’s the closest I’ve come to monetizing this thing.


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