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The Vermont Zoo

I knew there would be animals up here that don’t exist in Georgia outside of zoos. New England has some large fauna that can truly damage your car if you wrap around one. All part of the new… Read More

Time to fix this place up

Most of you have realized by now I moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Burlington, Vermont. When I tell people that, the most common question I get is “Who the hell are you? Do you Feel the Bern?” But… Read More

Come for the lobstah, stay for the other lobstah

I just finished a short vacation in Dover, New Hampshire. That’s not a sentence you read often. But that’s where my friend Kathy lives, so Dover it is! If you’re like everyone else not living within 10 miles… Read More

Day 4: Welcome to Big Testicle Country

I barely remember anything the rest of the day after Mann Gulch.  I think I took a shower while holding myself up with both arms. I know I handed my wallet to the woman at the front desk… Read More

A friendly Montana interlude

I’ve mentioned Joe and Sarah Stiver a couple of times and how wonderful they were. I met them less than 24 hours after arriving out here.  Since then, I’ve started believing they are the norm, not the exception… Read More

Day 2: How’s Custer doing these days?

Since I spent Day 1 picking on the Lakota, I thought Day 2 was an appropriate time to connect with someone else who had done much the same. After a leisurely breakfast with Joe and Sarah, I headed… Read More

Day One: Trouble right here in Rapid City

I wish I could say more about Rapid City. But you know what court orders are like. No, really, I’m sure it was a charming place. I got there after dark, went to my hotel, and then left… Read More

Prelude to Manifesto

My people! It’s been a long time since I posted here. Almost a year, even. And that last post was mighty darned depressing. But not any longer! I’m going to spend a week in the northern Rockies, seeing… Read More

What is Noah’s problem?

If I understood the Noah movie correctly… God tells Maximus to build an ark with his wife, the ass-to-ass girl from Requiem for a Dream, his son Percy Jackson, his daughter-in-law Hermione Granger, and two lesser sons, the… Read More

How I Wrecked Your Mother In Like Six Minutes

Wow, that’s some good title-writing on my part. Sounds like a line to piss off your middle school nemesis. By now, enough time has passed so I’m not worried about spoiling the hell out of the end of… Read More