Category: Amusing myself

There’s no need to fear

With the traffic that’s come from Brian’s pimping of last week’s post about diversity, I’m preparing a follow-up. In the meantime, this amused (probably only) me. The Black PS3 Controller is here! You evildoers knock that crap right… Read More

Delusions, Body Images, and Leashes

Stray dog in the neighborhood last night. Seemed friendly enough. Some kind of yellow lab mix. Had a collar with no tags. Not neutered either. (Honestly, people – get your dogs fixed and drop $5 for a tag… Read More

It’s not stalking, it’s investigation

Many years ago, there was a Peanuts TV-movie that featured (among other plots) Charlie Brown seeing a hot girl on TV at Super Bowl XVI. CB and Linus started channeling a detective. Maybe not a Sherlock Holmes or… Read More

A women’s hygeine ad for men

Has anyone tried this? I saw this in the latest Men’s Journal while waiting for a haircut. This isn’t a problem I suffer from myself (I sleep suspended upside-down under a vent while wearing 70’s-era basketball shorts), though… Read More

Can this exist, please?

Recently I found myself getting grumpy about spam. Not reasonable of me, I know. Might as well be grumpy about banner ads, network outages, or lolcats. Still, I tweeted this:

Banana Havoc!

I came across this stunt for leaving messages on your bananas courtesy of The Bloggess. The folks at Pintrest were doing kind, loving messages, while The Bloggess was more into the haunted fruit thing. My sister and my… Read More