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Good stories with sad endings

Several years ago, I saw a documentary about the differences between wolves and modern domesticated dogs. The part that was most striking to me was when they put some meat in plain sight inside a little chain link… Read More

What I learned from letting go of my dog

My apologies if this comes off a little macabre. You know how I am about sharing new experiences, and this was definitely a new one. I promise I’m not going to keep going on about this. Maybe I… Read More

Gonna be a little lonely for awhile

It’s not like we weren’t warned this was coming. Those of you who follow me here or on Facebook have seen me post about my dog Arrow. Specifically, the medical issues he’s been having for the last few… Read More

Dog Followup

An addendum to yesterday’s post: Maria found some other pictures! ¬†This is what Arrow looked like before he went gray. I forgot how jet black he was, though you can see that starting to change a little on… Read More

On dogs

I’ve talked a lot on here about my dog Arrow. You can’t be around me for long without hearing about him. But I don’t think I ever wrote his origin story. The dangers of impulse buying One afternoon,… Read More

Happily ever after

It took more than a month, but Maya the Hard-Luck Hound (aka the Doomsday Doggie, Bringer of the Poopocalypse) has found a place of her own. She’s the one on her back. I am optimistic that our little… Read More

Back to the drawing leash

It serves me right for celebrating early. The Karma Gods view that as trash talk. Never again. Unless you’re new to the blog (hey, welcome!), you know a great deal about Maya. For you newbies, you can learn… Read More

Dog Epilogue

Epidogue? I don’t know. I’m sleepy. You guys remember the stray pit bull puppy who found me just before Christmas? The one I eventually begged for money for? It looks like we’ve reached a happy ending to that… Read More

A better reason for the season: Helping a puppy

Happy New Year! Quick update on Angel: First of all, we’re not calling her Angel any more. She was about to be christened “Optimus Pearl” but cooler heads (i.e. mine) prevailed.¬† She’s now called Maya — she’s been… Read More

Byyyy Power! (plus an Angel Pupdate!)

No more depressing posts! Happy thoughts! On Facebook a few months back, I asked about some good grrl power songs. A friend had a monumentally shitty breakup, and she needed a good soundtrack while she figured out that… Read More