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What happens now?

Like an awful lot of people, I was shocked at the results from the election. I didn’t see whatever it was that made so many people embrace Trump.

More crap from the skies

Ok, locals — what is this?

Going full Bob Barker

Hey, look at that. Nothing on the blog for a month, and now two grumpy posts in a row! This should chase off the last of my readers! (Please stay tuned! Fun stuff coming, I swear.) Meet Angel…. Read More

Who can suck it (re: guns)

Well that got our attention! What a horror. But we have an eloquent, concerned Commander-In-Chief who knows the right words to bring us all together. The whole speech is 19 minutes long, but the key part comes at… Read More

Look carefully

I was going to write a long screed about needing glasses, but then I realized that a not insignificant number of my friends and blog readers have been wearing glasses for awhile. Any complaining on my part would… Read More

Helpful hints for the amateur credit card thief

Someone got my debit card number. Son of a bitch. While that person needs to be smote hip and thigh, what really galls me is the foolish way they used it. If I’m going to have my card… Read More

No, Jose, can you see?

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes around me in person, you’ve probably heard me bitch about one of my two biggest pet peeves: people who say “due to the fact that” the way we’re performing the… Read More

This pisses me off

Parents plead guilty in son’s cancer death. It’s an eye-catching headline. There are a lot of easier way to murder someone than giving them cancer. But if you click the link, you’ll see that it’s actually manslaughter because… Read More

Outreach, Diversity, Yams, and Jesus

Spartans! Prepare for venting! And yams! I want to clarify something about my diversity post now that it’s gotten some extra traffic/trolling. In addition to suggesting that we do something like a vaccine clinic in a church, I… Read More

Can this exist, please?

Recently I found myself getting grumpy about spam. Not reasonable of me, I know. Might as well be grumpy about banner ads, network outages, or lolcats. Still, I tweeted this: