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What happens now?

Like an awful lot of people, I was shocked at the results from the election. I didn’t see whatever it was that made so many people embrace Trump.

Cogspanko ergo sum

Like all of you, I am thrilled to be alive in an era where we have learned that a fetus can masturbate at 15 weeks. We owe a huge debt to Texas congressman Michael Burgess (R-Onanism) for this… Read More

My own medicine

TL/DR version: please recommend some conservative web sites or podcasts for someone who wants to learn the conservative thought process. If you pay attention to me here or on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me mix it up with… Read More

How’s the GOP doing?

On Monday, Reince Priebus (RNC chair who never learned the I before E rule) released a 100-page “autopsy” detailing why the Republicans got spanked so badly on Election Day and what to do about it. I applaud the… Read More