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What happens now?

Like an awful lot of people, I was shocked at the results from the election. I didn’t see whatever it was that made so many people embrace Trump.

You don’t have to be such a jerk about rape

I feel odd writing about this. On Tuesday, Emily Yoffe at Slate wrote an article suggesting college girls shouldn’t drink so much if they don’t want to get raped. I’m sure it got a lot of hits, which… Read More

All our Brosh re-belong to us

Allie Brosh is back! Like the rest of the Internet, I’m thrilled to see new content from Hyperbole and a Half. Our favorite semi-pro Paintbrush guru is back to normal! Hmmm… Maybe not back to normal, whatever that… Read More

Happy birthday, you soulless dickbag!

Everyone put your hands together as we celebrate the 70th birthday of as useless a pile of human scat as you’re likely to find!  If one of those hands you’re putting together has a torch or a pitchfork… Read More

We need better resolution

Happy new year! How does 2012 look in your rear-view mirror? Have you broken all your resolutions yet? I only made one: to harass Karl Mamer about his love life on Facebook. Same as last year. Not really…. Read More

Going full Bob Barker

Hey, look at that. Nothing on the blog for a month, and now two grumpy posts in a row! This should chase off the last of my readers! (Please stay tuned! Fun stuff coming, I swear.) Meet Angel…. Read More

Who can suck it (re: guns)

Well that got our attention! What a horror. But we have an eloquent, concerned Commander-In-Chief who knows the right words to bring us all together. The whole speech is 19 minutes long, but the key part comes at… Read More

An Open Letter to my friends on the Right

Hi everyone. Sorry for being so quiet on here lately. A lot going on in my secret-identity life, and now we’re in NaNoWriMo. We are still going to figure out who the best saint is, but I have… Read More

The Tea Party needs an anthem

Fortunately for the Tea Party — and unfortunately for Sam Cooke — I’m here to help! What a Tea Party World Don’t know paleontology Don’t know much biology Would never crack a genetics book Evolution doesn’t get a… Read More

Don’t wave a dick

I blame Elyse Mofo Anders. Her recent surgery has increased her already formidable shit-stirring powers. For the second consecutive year, a woman has suggested something uncontroversial about maybe not introducing yourself by getting your metaphorical penis out. Or… Read More