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Crap, I’m out of maple. Anyone know the penalty? I think it’s a misdemeanor, at least on the first offense.

Oh crap, it’s Vermont Pollen Season

How are things in Georgia?

Testing my field reports

One thing about Vermont is that there are places where there is no wifi signal. I don’t mean “three bars or fewer,” I mean ZERO. It’s hard to believe in the 21st century, but there it is. The… Read More

Help me kick the tires!

Still got some RSS feed issues to work out, but I think we’re mostly good. Feedback on the new site is always appreciated!

One less candle

Goodbye, Mr. Hitchens. I thought a lot about what you said.

Time for a short break

Thanks to various real world time constraints, I’m running behind on the Science Smackdown, and now Dragon*Con is staring me in the face. Don’t even blink! So I’m going to hold off on the Elite Eight until next… Read More

An Unexpected Tribute

So on Friday I get my new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It’s got two guys on the cover that I learned are going to be in the Hunger Games movie. I’m flipping through it to learn what’s in… Read More

A little more housekeeping…

I’m testing the integration between this blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter account. I can’t tell if it’s working. *ahem* “Please do not ask me to join some ridiculous Facebook group. I don’t want a Facebook hoodie… Read More

Announcing the 2011 Science Smackdown

Are you a fan of science? Do you like one science more than the others? Are you a person who loves statistics and have been looking for a opportunity to declare it in the face of all these… Read More

Still some housecleaning going on

Naturally because I moved from to… well… a WordPress product, they don’t integrate smoothly.  When was WordPress bought by the Android people? All my posts came over, but apparently sold their formatting in the moving out garage… Read More