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Ultrasound and the Fury

Sorry for the title. Couldn’t think of anything. I picked up my ultrasound report! I don’t mind admitting that I was a little nervous about it. I knew it was going to say something like “it is unclear… Read More

Ultrasound screenshot

It looks like I'm going to give birth to a piglet in a space helmet. I'll call him Link Heartthrob.

They Slimed Me

I had my ultrasound! It was disgusting. It’s basically a Wii controller covered with a sex-aid lubricant, and smeared all over whatever you’re having scanned. In my case, it was my neck, which is harmless enough. But I… Read More

A Brief History of Cancer

This is an attempt to make the longest blog post ever. But also, so many people from so many directions have asked for background and updates. This is an attempt to get the full story out. Good luck… Read More

Birds Shoot Back

It’s tough to be the man of the house when you’ve just learned to drive. See, my parents split up when I was a kid, and my dad ultimately moved far away. So I was left as the… Read More