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Welcome to the new digs

Hi all, If I’m going to try to blog more often, I might as well do it on the site I paid for.  I’ve moved from the site to I’ve updated the RSS feed. Those of… Read More

Death and Mortality: It Could Be Worse

So I’ve been thinking about death a lot the last week or so. And not just because songs about death would make a dreary mix tape. (Good god, they would, too. Don’t even think about it.) You’re thinking… Read More

Apple has ruined men forever, Part 2

After writing Part 1, I remembered another online alternative to mix tapes. I didn’t want to go back and edit it into the original, because it was more than an hour later and I figured someone had already… Read More

Apple has ruined men forever

I didn’t actually attend TAM 9. I went to the same hotel at the same time, but didn’t do the actual conference. I’d seen most of the speakers countless times before anyway. After this last year, I wanted… Read More

Need some help from Whoville

Hi all!As both my regular readers remember, last year I watched the episode Blink in an attempt to understand what was up with the Dr. Who fans. I wasn’t converted, although there were aspects of that episode I… Read More

So Fort Wayne, Indiana, is doomed

Several chilling reports these days from Fort Wayne, Indiana. If Fort Wayne is home for anyone who owes you money or any loved ones, you might consider evacuating them.”But Christian,” you are perhaps shrieking. “Surely you aren’t referring… Read More

Fingertoe Shoes II: The Restaggering

So maybe I was hasty with my previous unqualified support for these finger shoes. The are still comfy, and my feet feel great. But I almost lost a toe during a moment of distraction on a DragonCon escalator…. Read More

Holy Haleakala, it’s a Bad Universe!

By now, many of you have seen the TV premiere of Phil Plait’s Bad Universe on Discovery. In case you haven’t, it’s based loosely on Phil’s book Death from the Skies!, but now he’s looking at the ways… Read More

Thanks for the warning

Just saw this ad on the CNN web site.Yeah, that’s a cute kid. See her concentrating on listening to that seashell. A very serene moment — for the 1/100th of a second needed to snap that picture.Not pictured:… Read More

Simply Staggering

So I got a pair of these:It was sort of an impulse buy. I needed something to take my mind off my disgust at my job. As those who follow me on Twitter will know, I was disturbed… Read More