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Galapagos Epilogue: Life on the equator

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the #1 entry on my bucket list. The Galapagos Islands are remarkable. Please go. You’ll see things you can’t see anywhere else. And if you’re a science nerd at all, following… Read More

Day seven: Visit Scenic Mount Doom

We began our last full day in the Galapagos walking on a beach. (Our guides were looking for ideas for their JDate profiles.) To be a naturalist, you must first master the art of burying the lede —… Read More

Day six: My kingdom for a duck

I hope you all enjoyed Bob. I have some other videos I’ll put up soon.  Another day, another set of rare exotic animals you’d only seen on nature documentaries produced by the BBC! I confess, I was getting… Read More

Galapagos Interlude: Bob’s march to the sea

NOTE: I’m safely back home, facing a three-front war among laundry, lack of sleep, and a pile of stuff on my desk at work. So I’m going to put Day Six on hold for a day, but give… Read More

Day five: Stop! Booby time!

I loved our guides.  Emil, Christian, and Indira. They were knowledgable and friendly and answered every question intelligently. Even the stupid ones. Despite common wisdom, there ARE stupid questions — you can identify them because they are asked… Read More

Day four: There be tortoises here

We loaded up and left for the Quito airport at Zero Dark Trienta on Wednesday. It was a short bus-plane-bus-dinghy ride to the Coral I: our home for the next four days.

Day three: Egg balancing for fun and profit

(NOTE: This is the last one of these for a few days, as I’m finally going out to the Galapagos Islands next. Details on that part will come when I get back to a wifi connection. In the… Read More

Day two: Quitosis

Is “you’ve got the thighs of an Ecuadorian” a common expression? Lorena Bobbitt was born here. Does she have powerful thighs? I can certainly understand why she might, because everything here is an uphill climb from wherever you’re… Read More

Day one: Why can’t I Quit-O?

I may have failed to mention my trip to the Galapagos Islands… more than 10 times a day for the last two months. It’s started now, and I’m already learning a lot. I want to share what I… Read More