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Day 4: Welcome to Big Testicle Country

I barely remember anything the rest of the day after Mann Gulch.  I think I took a shower while holding myself up with both arms. I know I handed my wallet to the woman at the front desk… Read More

Day 3: Hiking with the Ghosts

I don’t think I can be funny while talking about Mann Gulch. To those of you who just said “or anything else for that matter” — hahahahahaha no refunds. Truly, I would feel like a jerk if I… Read More

A friendly Montana interlude

I’ve mentioned Joe and Sarah Stiver a couple of times and how wonderful they were. I met them less than 24 hours after arriving out here.  Since then, I’ve started believing they are the norm, not the exception… Read More

Day 2: How’s Custer doing these days?

Since I spent Day 1 picking on the Lakota, I thought Day 2 was an appropriate time to connect with someone else who had done much the same. After a leisurely breakfast with Joe and Sarah, I headed… Read More

Day One: Trouble right here in Rapid City

I wish I could say more about Rapid City. But you know what court orders are like. No, really, I’m sure it was a charming place. I got there after dark, went to my hotel, and then left… Read More

Prelude to Manifesto

My people! It’s been a long time since I posted here. Almost a year, even. And that last post was mighty darned depressing. But not any longer! I’m going to spend a week in the northern Rockies, seeing… Read More